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Burn IT, To Earn IT!!

Our six-week challenge starts Oct. 8th.  The challenge goes through Nov. 16th. Orientation includes an overview of the program assessment and nutrition planning.

Registration includes:

  1. Get your first week free (if not already purchased
  2. Personalized Coaching to fit your needs.
  3. Personal training minus the expensive cost
  4. Check-In Challenge
  5. Attendance Tracking
  6. Nutrition Tracking


Cortni Lynn
Vibe Fit Coach

Read Cortni's Full Bio
Cortni Lynn is a Wellness coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified L1 Trainer, Mommy of 2 boys, a wife, and Type 1 diabetic (for 18 years). Her mission is to empower and motivate people to create a lifestyle where their physical goals are in direct relation to their mindset. To give others the confidence in recognizing that health is not just a quick fix, but a lifestyle, and when your mind and body are in balance, that positive change will also impact all other aspects of your life, creating a Life in Sync.
Cortni’s passion for fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness has inspired her to leave her career as an Emergency Room Nurse and start her own online business helping others to balance their mindset with their physical health and heal their relationship with themselves and with food.
She’s worked with many individuals who have not only changed their physical body, but have been able to upgrade their mindset in order to maximize their results and sustain this new found state of being.

Heather Clayton
Vibe Fit Coach

Read Heather's Full Bio

Heather Clayton has been a personal trainer at different gyms, an in-home trainer and a boot camp instructor for more than 15 years, but she’s found her sweet spot at CrossFit Impressions, where she’s a coach and has been an athlete for three-and-a-half years.

She has been a part of “gym life” in one way or another since junior high and played sports in high school and college. She received an English Literature degree from the University of Texas at El Paso, and while Heather has tried many different professions over the years, her passion for training and being a trainer always led her back to the gym.

Heather has participated in many local CrossFit competitions and has made podium for most of them. One of her biggest accomplishments is having recently run a marathon. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 14 years and has two children.

VibeFit is a women’s fitness class for women on the move, an action-packed workout that will be the most challenging and gratifying hour of your day.

The program utilizes a number of elements to get the most out of the 60-minute program. Participants start with cardio and stretching, and end with cardio and core work, and in the middle, there’s a barrage of high-intensity, high-energy training exercises that will bring about the changes you want to see.

Membership Provides: 

1. Tracking Plan
2. Nutrition Accountability
3. Assessment
4. Goal Tracking
5. Custom/Targeted Workouts

If your vibe is making an impact in a big way, VibeFit is your fit.

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