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Bradley’s Final Journal: That’s a WRAP! What have I learned working out

The Beginning: I started working out at Texan Fitness in July with some goals in hand. I wanted to lose weight and get in better shape. I did lose weight and maintained and I got in shape. How do I know I got in shape, well I can tell you. When I started I could do...

The Journey

Olympian Crissy Perham: Signing Out

    Hello again, friends! It has been a joy and pleasure to post my thoughts here with Texan Fitness, but it's now time for me to pass on the proverbial baton! Writing the posts was much more interesting and challenging than I thought it would be. There were...

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Allow myself to introduce…myself.

Hey everyone! Even though most of you reading this already know me, I think I should tell you a little bit about myself as we go on this Journal Journey together. I love to chat with my friends so I hope to treat this as a conversation that "we" are having. I'm always...

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