Owner, 5QP Lineman Training Head Coach

Texan Fitness proudly presents the 5th Quarter Performance program, an exclusive initiative designed to elevate offensive linemen in Texas to an elite level. The program goes beyond traditional training methods, incorporating innovative techniques and personalized programming to enhance key skills such as movement, pass sets, combination blocks, and punching. While emphasizing the fundamentals of top-level lineman play, the training also places a significant focus on the mental and conceptual aspects of the game, including strategic thinking and understanding defensive strategies.

Co-Owner Robert Clayton, drawing on his extensive background as a high school, college, and professional lineman, has consistently produced one NCAA collegiate lineman annually since initiating player training in 2009. With over 10 years of experience and a commitment to training over 200 children and youth in the Southlake and DFW Community, Clayton leverages a wealth of technique, knowledge, and strength tools to help students achieve their football goals. The program’s success lies in its comprehensive approach, fostering both physical prowess and a strategic mindset to mold well-rounded and elite offensive linemen.